How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies


Flies….flies….fly away! Are these pesky fruit flies finding their way to your home? Are you tired of their bugging? Thinking how to get rid of fruit flies? How to banish these nasty little buggers entering your kitchen?

Fruit flies often known as houseflies are more than 1.20 million throughout the world.  These flies not only irritate, but also cause diseases by working as a carrier of bacteria and germs.

Do you know that a single fly carries millions of bacteria on its tiny body hair? They carry bacteria by sitting on the dirty places like dustbins, decayed foods, garbage, drains, fecal matter etc. These bacteria can be easily transmitted into our bodies without even flies biting us. They just go and sit on the foods, which are kept open in the kitchen or in the dining table. Due to this activity of the fly, the bacteria get easily on the food.

The moment you eat these bacteria-infected foods, even without knowing it, bacteria enter into your body and make you sick with certain diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, cholera and typhoid. Therefore, it is always important to keep the surrounding of your home clean and hygienic to get rid of fruit flies effectively.

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

It is necessary to keep the surrounding dry and clean to prevent the breeding and growth of the flies. Apart from this, try some natural remedies to get rid of fruit flies in your house.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider VinegarBefore getting panic about the spreading of diseases by flies, start using apple cider vinegar, which is one of the best remedies in defeating the flies that sit on the fruits and food.

How it Works?

Apple cider vinegar has a strong fermented smell by which flies easily get attracted. So, when you will heat the ACV, a metal smell will come, which will attract the flies. It will work as a trap for them but later they will not be able to tolerate this smell.

Method: 1

  • Heat ½ cup apple cider vinegar for a very less time.
  • Then, take a glass jar with its lid, and create some holes on the lid. A hole should be sufficient for flies to get inside the jar.
  • You can use a funnel, instead of a lid, in case you don’t want to damage the lid.
  • Make a funnel by taking a white plain paper. Just fold the plain paper and make a cone shape, leaving some space in the end.
  • After this, put this ACV jar in a place where flies have more accessibility.
  • Let it be there for an entire day where flies will first get attracted to its smell, and then get trapped while entering into a jar through these holes or hole( in case of a funnel).
  • And these flies will not be able to fly back from the same hole by which they entered the jar.
  • Follow these methods till the fruit flies go away from your home.

Method: 2

  • Take some apple cider vinegar in a small bowl.
  • Add few drops of liquid detergent into it.
  • Apply this mixture on the areas in your home where flies are more.
  • Then, leave this for 5-6 hours.
  • Repeat this remedy regularly to prevent flies entering your house.
  • This method will give you absolute relief by getting rid of fruit flies in your house.

2. Lemongrass Essential Oil Spray

Lemongrass essential oil helps in keeping the flies at bay. It also keeps the room fresh with its pleasing aroma.


  • Take an empty clean spray bottle.
  • Add 10 drops of lemongrass essential oil to it.
  • Pour some 20 ml of hot water inside the bottle.
  • Close it properly, and shake well so that the oil and water will be properly mixed.
  • Use this as a sprayer to spray near the doors, windows or wherever you find these fruit flies.
  • Follow this process regularly for a certain period of time till you get rid of these fruit flies in your home.

3. Cloves

ClovesCloves, which are mostly used for culinary purposes have other benefits too. It gives a pleasant aroma to the food, but flies do not like its smell. Therefore, you can use the cloves as a remedy to prevent the flies entering your homes. Cloves also keep the insects away from your house.


  • Take 1 medium size lemon and divide it into half.
  • Now take some 10-12 cloves and poke the cloves into the half cut lemon.
  • Poke another 10-12 cloves in the other half-cut lemon.
  • Instead of lemon, you can also use apple.
  • While poking keep the bud of the clove outside.
  • Put these clove- pressed lemon pieces on a plate.
  • Keep this plate on your dining table, kitchen slabs or near the fly-prone areas.
  • This is very useful in eliminating the fruit flies completely.
  • Repeat this process daily, or till you get rid of the fruit flies

4. Lavender Oil

Lavender OilLavender oil is used widely for various purposes. Hardly people know that it has magnificent insect repelling properties. In ancient times, people use this oil as a protection for their clothes from moths and other insects.

Lavender oil also helps to control the swarm of flies like greenfly, whitefly, black beetle etc.


  • Take 1 small cup of lavender oil.
  • Take a piece of cloth or sponge and dip it in this oil.
  • Put this in a tin and close the lid.
  • Let it stand for 1 complete day and then remove the lid.
  • Now put this tin at a place where there are more flies in your house.
  • After using much, refill the lavender oil in that tin.
  • Use this fly repellent and very soon you will find all the flies fly away from your house.

5. Plastic Water Bags

Usage of plastic water bags as a remedy is very helpful in clearing out the flies. Usually, you will find these water bags that are hanged in the local fruit shops to prevent fruit flies to come near the fruits.

How it Works?

This bag works like a spider web for the fruit flies, so they will not even come near to that place where it is placed. The reflection, which comes from the water also makes the flies confused and creates an illusion for them.


  • Take 1 medium size transparent plastic bag.
  • Fill the bag half with water.
  • Tie a knot properly. You can also use a rubber band or a thread to tie it.
  • The trap is ready. Hang this bag at your entrance door, or anywhere where you find these flies more often.
  • Leave it for few days, and then change the water and reuse it, in case if you find that flies are still coming to your house.
  • This remedy is very easy to follow. Following this will keep the flies at bay.

6. Red Wine

Red wine is as effective as vinegar, as flies get easily attracted to the fermented smell of it. It acts as a trap for the flies and by using it you will easily get rid of the flies in your house.

Method 1:

  • Take some ½ cup of red wine and pour it in a transparent bottle.
  • You can use a glass instead of a bottle and white wine if red wine is not there.
  • Now, keep this bottle or glass wherever you find most of the flies.
  • After some time, you will see that numerous flies are floating on the wine.
  • Follow this for few days, till you get rid of all the fruit flies from your home.

If you aren’t sure about whether the flies are flying away after drinking the wine, then you can use some dish wash liquid and mix it with wine to prevent their flying.

Method: 2

  • Take ½ cup wine and pour it into a small bowl.
  • Mix the wine with some dish wash liquid and stir properly.
  • Now, keep this bowl in a place where you will find more flies.
  • The moment they get trapped in this solution, they will not be able to escape from it.
  • Continue this process till you find a complete release from these flies in your home.

7. Milk, Sugar and Pepper

The combination of milk, sugar and pepper is a very old remedy used by our ancestors to trap these fruit flies.

How this Combination Works?

Milk- Attracts the flies.

Sugar- Allows these flies to stay.

Pepper- Makes all the flies to fall down.


  • Take a pan and pour ½ liter milk to it.
  • Add ¼ cup of sugar along with 4 tsp of grounded pepper.
  • Mix well and allow it to simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Then, take some flat dishes or bowls, and pour this mixture in each bowl.
  • Now, place these bowls in all the corners of your house.
  • Flies will get attracted to this and fall on it. After some time, they will die because of the suffocation.
  • Repeat this process whenever necessary if you are struggling with this question how to get rid of fruit flies in your house’.

8. Fruit Trap

This is a very interesting and effective remedy as it targets the fruit flies, which fall on ripe and sweet fruits and cause various diseases.


  • Take some overripe or ripe fruits and cut them into big pieces.
  • Now, take a glass jar, and place these fruits in the bottom of the jar by covering it with plastic wrap, instead of a lid.
  • Tie the wrap with a thread or rubber band properly.
  • By using a toothpick make holes in that plastic wrap.
  • Keep this jar in your kitchen or near the dining area wherever you find the flies mostly.
  • You can have 2-3 jars like this so that 1 jar you can place outside your house, near the entrance door.
  • Flies will easily get attracted towards the fruit smell and get trapped to it.
  • Leave the jar for few minutes till it gets full with the flies.
  • Now, take a bucket of warm soap water.
  • And then, immerse the jar into this bucket.
  • Let it stand for 10-15 minutes, and then you will see the death of these flies.
  • Continue this process for few days to get rid of fruit flies completely from your house.

Additional Tips

 Here are few tips, which will help you to get rid of the fruit flies in your house.

  • Keep your dustbins always covered to prevent the germs and diseases.
  • Don’t leave any ripe fruits in the open. Keep it in the refrigerator.
  • Spraying of essential oils every day will keep the surroundings of your house fresh and safe from the fruit flies.
  • Always keep the house premises clean and dry on a daily basis which will prevent flies to get inside your house.
  • For cleaning purposes, use some clove oil as fruit flies can’t stand the smell of clove.
  • Cinnamon works as a fly repellent, so use this as an air freshener, which will drive out the flies from your house.
  • Keep your drain area clean, as it is the breeding place of all the flies. Use a few drops of vinegar mixed with half cup of boiling water and pour this mixture in your drain to prevent the breeding and growth of the flies.

Hope you will try these remedies to get rid of fruit flies. It’s time to say good-bye to these fruit flies.

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