Safe Home Remedies to Cure Fever in Children


Fever is a common illness, which every child undergoes. This illness is a response to various other health conditions. Generally, parents get confused about when and how to treat fever when their child gets it. Most of the parents hesitate to give allopathic treatment to their child as the medicines come with many side effects. Do not worry if your child is suffering from fever. I know that you do not want to go for medicines to treat your child’s fever. So for you, I have brought many home remedies to cure fever in children. But, before that let’s first understand the causes and symptoms of fever, which will help treat this condition properly.

Causes and Symptoms of Fever in Children

The causes of fever in children are a bit different from the causes of fever in adults. Although some causes are common, many causes are there that are totally different from the adults.  The main causes of fever in children are listed below:

  • The common cold is considered as one of the main causes of fever in children.
  • Infections of skin, ear, lung, and throat and in some cases kidney infection can cause fever in babies.
  • The inflammation in any part of the body also leads to a fever in infants and toddlers.
  • Sometimes the side effects of certain drugs also elevate the body temperature of children.
  • Sometimes fever in babies occurs as a reaction to vaccination.
  • The diseases like inflammatory bowel, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis are responsible for fever in children.
  • Hyperthyroidism can cause fever in children.

Symptoms of Fever in Children

If your child is suffering from fever, then it may show the following symptoms:

  • High body temperature- It is one of the most common symptom of fever in children.  You might be thinking what is a high fever in children? Fever with high body temperature is known as high fever. The high body temperature level varies from child to child depending on his/her age.
  • For 3 months old child – 100.4 F or higher, for 3 to 6 months old child – 101 F or higher, or if the fever stays for more than one day and for the child, older than 6 months – 103 F or higher temperature.
  • The other symptoms of fever in children are difficulty in sleeping, vomiting, less interest to take food and severe diarrhea.

If you observe any of the above symptoms, then be alert that your child is suffering from fever.

Home Remedies for Fever in Children

The home remedies are the best options to treat the fever in children as these come with no side effects. The remedies are easy to follow and provide quick relief to kids suffering from fever. Here is the collection of home remedies to treat fever in children.

1. Ginger

GingerLoaded with antibacterial properties, ginger kills the bacteria responsible for fever in children. It also promotes sweating and expels the body heat as well as impurities.

Gather it

  • Ginger powder- 2 tbsp
  • Warm water- 1 full bathtub

Prepare it

  1. Take 1 full bathtub of warm water.
  2. Add 2 tbsp of ginger powder to it and stir it well.
  3. Give a bath to your child in this water for 10 minutes.
  4. Your child will soon start sweating after a bath, which will flush out the impurities from the body.
  5. Repeat the process once a day to get rid of high fever in babies and toddlers.

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2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider VinegarApple cider vinegar is helpful to draw out the heat from the body. Providing a soothing effect to the body, it is helpful in treating high fever in infants as well as toddlers.

Gather it

  • Apple cider vinegar- 2 tbsp
  • Cold water- 4 tbsp
  • Washcloth- 1

Prepare it

  1. Take 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a bowl and add 4 tbsp of cold water to it.
  2. Mix the ingredients well and soak 1 clean washcloth in it for 1 minute.
  3. 3Squeeze the excessive water from the washcloth and keep it on the forehead of your child.
  4. Leave it for 2 minutes. Remove the cloth from the forehead and again soak it in the apple cider vinegar solution.
  5. Repeat the process for 5-6 times a day when your baby has a fever.

3. Raw Onion

OnionOnion helps to lower the body temperature and provides relief from body ache due to fever. It also treats the common cold and fever in children.

Gather it

  • Onion- 1

Prepare it

  1. Take 1 onion and cut it into thin slices.
  2. Take 2-3 slices of onion and rub it on the feet of your child for 2 minutes.
  3. Use this process twice a day to lower the high fever in children.

4. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is very useful to treat fever as well as its symptoms like a sore throat, body ache, running nose and cough. It is also a remedy for dehydration.

Gather it

  • Chamomile tea bag- 1
  • Water- 1 cup
  • Honey- 1 tbsp

Prepare it

  1. Take 1 cup of water in a pan and boil it for 2 minutes.
  2. Soak the chamomile tea bag in the hot water for 1 minute.
  3. Add 1 tbsp of honey to it and stir well.
  4. Provide the hot drink to your child twice a day to bring down fever in your child.

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5. Honey with Lemon Juice

Honey and lemon combination boost the immunity power of the child. The honey provides nourishment and lemon with Vitamin C content improve the resistance power of the body.  It is an effective remedy for fever in children.

Gather it

  • Honey- 1 tsp
  • Lemon juice- 1 tsp
  • Ginger powder- ½ tsp

Prepare it

  1. Take 1 tsp of honey in a small bowl.
  2. Add 1 tsp of lemon juice and ½ tsp of ginger powder to it.
  3. Mix it well and give 1 tsp of this mixture to your child. Allow your child to consume it twice a day to reduce the fever instantly.

6. Carom Seeds with Holy Basil

Both the basil leaves and carom seeds are antibacterial in nature. The combination of these ingredients kills the bacteria and boosts the resistance power of your child. It also prevents recurrence of fever in children. This is often referred as one of the best remedies for fever in children.

Gather it

  • Carom seeds- 1 tsp
  • Basil leaves- 5-6
  • Water- 1 cup

Prepare it

  1. Take 1 cup of water and boil it.
  2. Add 5-6 leaves of basil leaves and 1 tsp of carom seeds to the boiling water.
  3. Boil the ingredients for2 minutes and then remove it from the flame.
  4. Allow it 2 minutes to become cool and then filter out the leaves and seeds from the water.
  5. Provide this solution to your child to drink when it is a little warm.
  6. Use this remedy twice a day to treat the fever in your child at home.

7. Mustard Oil and Garlic Massage

The mustard oil and garlic combination is an effective remedy for the fever in children. Its use lowers the body temperature and provides relief from body ache and nasal congestion. It promotes sweating and helps to flush out the impurities from the body.

Gather it

  • Mustard oil – 2 tbsp
  • Garlic paste – 1 tsp (paste)

Prepare it

  1. Take 2 tbsp of mustard oil in a small microwave-safe bowl.
  2. Heat it in the microwave oven for 30 seconds.
  3. Add 1 tsp of garlic paste to it and mix well.
  4. Leave it undisturbed for 2 minutes.
  5. Apply this solution on your child’s chest, back and neck area along with palm and feet.
  6. Use this remedy before bedtime to treat the baby as well as toddler high fever.

8. Egg Whites

egg whiteThe egg whites are very helpful to reduce the body temperature and provide a relief from the fever. So, if your kid is suffering from a high temperature, then use this remedy to lower the body temperature.

Gather it

  • Egg white – 3 tbsp (from 1 egg)
  • Wash clothes – 2
  • Socks – 2

Prepare it

  1. Take 3 tbsp of egg white in a small bowl and beat it properly.
  2. Dip 2 wash clothes in the beaten egg white and leave it for 1 minute.
  3. Cover the feet of your child with the wash clothes and put on 2 loose socks on the feet of your child.
  4. Leave for more than 1 hour.
  5. Repeat the process again to bring down the body temperature of your child.

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9. Saline Drops

The saline drops treat the other symptoms of fever, such as nasal congestion and a runny nose. It allows the kid with a fever to breathe well and get a nice sleep at night.

Gather it

  • Salt- ¼ tsp
  • Warm water- 8 ounces
  • Eyedropper- 1

Prepare it

  1. Take ¼ tsp of salt and add 8 ounces of warm water.
  2. Stir it well to dissolve the salt completely into the water.
  3. Take some solution in the eyedropper and put 2 drops in each nostril of your child.
  4. Let the child’s take rest for 2 minutes.
  5. Follow this home remedy twice a week to give relief to your child from fever.

Tips to Treat Fever in Children at Home

Apart from the Remedies for fever in children, here are some tips which will help you to treat the fever in children at home.

  • Provide a sponge bath to your kid with warm water to reduce the body temperature instantly.
  • Give a lot of fluid, such as fruit juice and soup to your child to recover soon from fever.
  • Give coconut oil to your child to consume to nourish the weak immune system of your child.
  • Do not overdress the kid and keep your children indoors. Also, allow the child to take complete rest.

Use these home remedies for fever in children and let’s know which remedy worked best for your child. Follow a natural way to treat your child’s illness.

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