Natural Home Remedies for Yeast Infection


Cruzan, a 32-year-old lady had been dealing with recurrent yeast infections (Candidiasis) from the past 3 years. She just hated it as even after undergoing various treatments it never went away, which was extremely disgusting, especially the itching part.

One day she was desperately seeking for the natural home remedies for yeast infection and she was amazed to see that there were so many natural remedies, which she could try for her yeast infection at home.

If you are also fed up with your recurrent yeast infection and thinking how to get rid of those, then let me tell you that by reading the information presented here and following the remedies mentioned here will change your situation forever.

So, before jumping into the home remedies for yeast infection, let’s first begin with knowing what is a yeast infection and how you get a yeast infection, and what are the symptoms which will help you to know whether you really have a yeast infection or is it something else.

What is a Yeast Infection?

Yeast infection or Candidiasis occurs when a type of yeast known as Candia overgrows in certain parts of the body. Usually, a small amount of yeast is found in our body, but sometimes due to certain reasons this yeast overgrows and causes infection.

Causes of Yeast Infection

There are certain factors that cause yeast to grow more in our body. The general causes for this yeast infection in men and women are:

  • Poor or vitamin-deficient diet
  • Use of condom
  • Sexually transmitted disease
  • Use of certain medicines or antibiotics
  • Wearing dirty or tight fitted and non-cotton clothes
  • Chemicals in dyes and perfumes
  • Hormonal imbalance or artificially induced hormone
  • Weak immune system

Yeast Infection Symptoms

Men can also get the yeast infection but women are most affected by it than men and the main reason for it is that the vaginal yeast infection easily occurs due to the opening of the urethra.

Signs and Symptoms of Yeast Infection in Women:

  • Burning sensation or swelling in the infected part
  • Painful urination
  • Extreme itching in the under breast area and in the vagina
  • Pain while having sex
  • Soreness in breasts
  • A thick, white vaginal discharge like cottage cheese, which can be smelly

Signs and symptoms of Yeast Infection in men:

  • Burning sensation at the tip of the penis
  • Rash or redness in the affected area
  • Itching sensation in the penis or the other area

Natural Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

Generally, anti-fungal medicines are there for treating treat yeast infection, but the question is how often you will take medicines if you are suffering from recurrent yeast infections. These medicines are not safe to use during pregnancy for treating your yeast infection as it may cause birth defects.

It is always good to rely on natural remedies for treating your infection as it does not have any side effects. Pregnant ladies can also follow some of the home remedies. See in detail natural home remedies for yeast infection which provides instant relief.

1. Yogurt

Probiotic YogurtYogurt contains many healing properties. It has lactobacillus acidophilus, which is a bacterium found in healthy vaginas. This bacterium produces hydrogen peroxide, which helps in killing the yeast. Yogurt works by restoring the normal bacteria in your digestive tract since it contains good bacteria. It helps in treating the yeast infections in any part of your body.

It soothes the burning sensation and reduces itching. Use plain yogurt for yeast infection and not the sweetened one.


  • Take 2-3 tbsp of yogurt, and apply it on the affected area of your skin.
  • Let it be there for 1 hour, and then wipe it with a wet towel or tissue paper.
  • Continue this process 3 times a day till you get relief from the itching and burning sensation.
  • If your infection is severe, then leave the applied yogurt overnight.
  • Eat yogurt 3-4 times a day while suffering from yeast infection as it helps in curing the infection.

Process: 2 Yogurt Tampon (only for vaginal infection)

  • Soak a tampon in yogurt, and place it in your vagina.
  • Keep this tampon for 2-4 hrs, and then take out.
  • Or you can keep it overnight if the infection is more.
  • Repeat this process 2 times a day till your symptoms subside.
  • This will soothe the itching and burning sensation.
  • Also, it will help you to get rid of yeast infection completely.

This is an effective remedy for pregnant ladies to treat yeast infection naturally.

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2. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil consists of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which help in preventing the infection. This is one of the best natural home remedies for yeast infection which works instantly on the infection and boost the healing process.

Process: 1

  • Take 1 tbsp of tea tree oil and dilute it with a cup of warm water.
  • Douche it on your affected area.
  • Repeat this process 2 times a day till you get rid of its symptoms.

Process: 2

  • Take 1 tbsp of tea tree oil and dilute it with 1 tbsp of olive oil or sweet almond oil.
  • Now rub this directly on your infected area.
  • Or if you have a vaginal infection, then take a tampon and dip it in this solution.
  • Then insert it into your vagina and keep it there for 3-4 hrs.
  • Follow this process twice daily until you get rid of the symptoms of yeast infection.


  • Don’t use tea tree oil if you are pregnant, and always consult your doctor before using it.
  • If tea tree oil causes irritation, then stop using it.

3. Calendula

Calendula is a type of herb, which contains anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, to treat yeast infections. Calendula is also used in anti-fungal yeast infection medicines.

Process: 1

  • Take 2-3 calendula leaves and crush it gently.
  • Now, apply this crushed leaves on your infected part.
  • If you cannot find fresh calendula, then apply its lotion or cream.
  • By repeating this 3 times daily will help you to treat yeast infection naturally.

Process: 2 Calendula Tea

  • Take 2 tsp of calendula extract and put in boiling water.
  • Let it boil for 5-10 minutes to make the tea.
  • Now sip your tea.
  • Have this tea 2 times a day to soothe your infection.

Caution: Don’t drink calendula tea if you are pregnant.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider VinegarApple cider vinegar (ACV) is one of the strongest natural antibiotics, which is useful in killing the virus, bacteria and protozoa. It helps to restore the ph level of the vagina, thus gives you relief from the yeast infection by preventing it.

Process: 1

  • Take 2 tbsp of ACV and mix it with a glass of drinking water.
  • Just drink this directly without adding anything.
  • Have it 3 times a day till you get rid of yeast infection.
  • You can also have this on an empty stomach.
  • This remedy helps in controlling yeast infection and flush out the fungi, which causes it.

Process: 2 (For Soaking)

  • Take 1-2 tbsp of low acidic apple cider vinegar (5% or less) in a small bowl.
  • Now, take a small piece of clean cloth and soak it in the ACV till it fully absorbs it.
  • Use this cloth by placing it on the walls of the vagina in women and around the penis for men.
  • This will help in controlling the itching sensation of vagina or penis. It can also be applied under the breast area or any other infected part.
  • Repeat this remedy 2 times for 2-3 days. It will help to treat yeast infection both in men and women.

Process: 3 (For Douching)

  • Take 3 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and mix it in 2 quarts of warm water.
  • Use this solution to douche.
  • By doing douching 2-3 times a day will help in reducing vaginal discharge.
  • Or you can clean your affected area with diluted ACV 2 times a day, which will help in getting rid of yeast infection of the vagina and the skin.


5. Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit is antibiotic in nature, and also contains anti-fungal properties, which help in killing the growing yeast in your body along with a variety of pathogens. Its seed extract is very powerful in curing yeast infection including vaginal infection.


  • Take 2 cups of water and add 8-10 drops of grapefruit seed extract to it.
  • Put this solution in an air-tight bottle and shake well to dissolve the extracts fully in water before using it.
  • Now, use this solution to rinse your infected vagina, or you can use a cotton ball to absorb this water and then apply it to your vagina walls.
  • Clean your vagina every day with this mixture for 3-4 days to get complete cure from yeast infection.

Caution: Do not use this mixture if you are having irritation. Pregnant ladies should avoid using this remedy.

6. Coconut Oil

Coconut OilCoconut oil has many health benefits as it contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which can kill ‘candida yeast’ naturally. Coconut oil has been used in treating skin yeast and yeast infections.

If you quickly want to get rid of yeast infection then coconut oil remedy is perfect for you, as it has the potential to cure the infection within a short time. Depending on the severity, it can treat yeast infection within hours or in few days.

Include 1-2 tbsp of coconut oil in your daily diet to boost up your immune system. Substitute your regular cooking oil with coconut oil and obtain its benefits.

Process: 1

  • Take a few drops of coconut oil in your palm, and apply it on the infected area gently by using your fingers.
  • Spread the oil in the infected area and leave it for few hours or overnight.
  • Apply this oil 2 times a day, and follow this process regularly to get rid of yeast infection quickly.

Process: 2

  • Take 1 tbsp of coconut oil and mix it with the same quantity of cinnamon oil.
  • Now, apply this oil on your infected skin.
  • Or you can also mix coconut oil with garlic oil and Vitamin E oil in equal parts.
  • Repeat this process 2-3 times a day. It will help in controlling the growth of the yeast and will give a quick recovery from yeast infection.

Process: 3 (Use as a Douche or Tampon)

  • Take 4 tbsp of coconut oil and mix with 2 quarts of warm water.
  • Use this as a douche.
  • You can also take a tampon and dip it in the coconut oil.
  • Insert it into your vagina, and leave it overnight or maximum for 8 hours.
  • Repeating any of the following remedies daily once will help to avoid yeast infection.

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Tips to Prevent the Yeast Infection

Some of the tips below will help you to prevent yeast infection if followed regularly.

  • Drinking cranberry juice every day helps to avoid infection at the first place.
  • Avoid using soaps and vaginal wash that contains chemical, as it gives a chance to the yeasts to grow more. Moreover, they disturb the pH level of your vagina.
  • While having sex, use a condom to avoid transferring of the yeast infection to your partner.
  • Use of boric acid helps to avoid the infection and it’s an effective natural remedy for treating yeast infection.
  • Avoid using douches, feminine spray, and fragrant tampons regularly as it causes irritation.
  • While suffering from yeast infection avoid using baking soda, as it aggravates the infection.
  • Mixing all the essential oils like oregano oil, cinnamon oil, lemon oil, grapeseed oil, tea tree oil, and peppermint oil and applying this mixed oil on the affected area with the help of a cotton ball also prevents yeast infection.
  • Avoid taking more sugar and alcohol, as it creates an environment for yeast to develop.
  • After taking the bath, make sure your vaginal area is dry before wearing clothes, as moist allows yeast to grow and spread in other parts of your body.
  • Wear cotton clothes and undergarments. Avoid wearing nylon and tight fitted clothes.
  • Don’t take more stress as it results in the development of yeast.

By following these natural home remedies and tips will help you to cure your yeast infection without any side effects. Therefore, some of the remedies are effective even for pregnant ladies. But even after following these remedies, if your infection still persists, then consult a doctor who can help you in this matter.

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