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Jacob, a sales manager from a reputed company was victim of smoking. He started smoking back in high school and slowly became a chain smoker. He was well settled in his career and family life. But chain smoking seemed to be a constant threat to his comfortable life.

The smoking habit had an adverse impact on his career growth. Jacob was desperately looking for ways to quit smoking quickly. If you are also looking for an easy way to quit smoking, then here are some home remedies for you.

Is it Hard to Quit Smoking?

Smoking directly attacks your lungs, making it sick and abnormal. Continuous inhaling of tobacco pumps in harmful toxins into your lungs and body. There are high chances of chain smokers developing harmful diseases like cancer, tuberculosis, low immunity to cold and cough and breathing diseases.

Smoking is one of the most addictive and the toughest to quit habits. Quitting smoking needs strong will power and self control. It is very important to take a firm decision on quitting smoking habit before implementing the home remedies. The natural remedies are best answer on how to quit smoking?

How to Stop Smoking?

Nicotine is known to be the most addictive ingredient in human history. Hence, getting out of this addiction is definitely a big challenge. So it is important that you make sure to be successful in the first attempt. The quit smoking tips or steps below here will help in achieving the same. No matter which natural method you choose these steps will ensure that you gain positive results.

Step- 1 Understand your smoking habit

Assessing your smoking habit is very important. Here are few things that would help you plan the quitting journey. Answering these questions will clarify things about your smoking habit. It leads you towards the right way of treatment to stop smoking.

  • When is the urge to smoke more? After every meal?
  • Do you love smoking in social?
  • Being down or under stress tempt you to look for cigarettes?
  • How strong is your addiction? You need more than a pack a day or any supplements of nicotine would work?
  • Is gambling or alcohol associated with your smoking addiction?
  • Do any people, place or activity is associated with your smoking addiction?
  • Does fitness program interest you?
  • Does acupuncture or hypnotherapy interests you?
  • Are you open to talk about your addiction to a professional counselor or therapist?

Once you are aware of your smoking habit, the second step is to change your lifestyle and routine to make the quitting process easy and quick.

Step 2- Replace Nicotine

Any natural substance that has high caffeine is the right replacement for nicotine. Caffeine high ingredients are such as black tea, dark chocolate, green tea and coffee can be used as a replacement of nicotine. Consuming any of this while you get high urge to smoke will reduce the urge and helps to quit smoking. Other natural replacement for nicotine is kava-kava, lobelia, lavender, passion flower and calamus. Try to avoid triggers as far as possible. Anything that is associated with your previous smoking experience can trigger the urge in you.

Step 3- Keep the will power up

People always find it difficult to control the urge of smoking. Keep a strong will power to quit smoking. Never go for the urge of “Just one” cigarette. Don’t let your decision of quitting get delayed or resumed due to the uncontrolled urge to smoke. You just have to follow these steps along with home remedies to quit smoking to get rid of addiction.

 Remedies to Quit Smoking Naturally

There are many fruits, herbs and vegetables that can help you in quitting smoking easily. Home remedies to quit smoking is easy to apply and it has no side effects. The following are the effective home remedies to quit smoking naturally.

Cayenne Pepper to quit smoking

Cayenne PepperThe cayenne pepper has anti irritant and anti inflammatory properties. It is widely used to prevent lung cancer, which is common in smokers. It is a great detoxifying agent and the best substitute or supplement for smoking. The cayenne pepper also has a huge presence of vitamin C and E. It brings down the cravings for nicotine.

Method 1: Cayenne Pepper and Water

  • Add ¼th tsp of the cayenne pepper in a glass of drinking water.
  • Drink it when you have cravings for nicotine.
  • Drinking this regularly makes it easy to quit smoking.

Note: Cayenne peppers are very good mood raisers. They excite the brain just like the nicotine present in tobacco.

Method 2: Cayenne Pepper in Your Food

  • Cooking your food using cayenne pepper will be a good idea, if you are thinking of quitting smoking. Just add a pinch of cayenne pepper while cooking food.
  • Consume it, especially in the first few days of smoking cessation.

Note: Cayenne pepper is available in the form of capsules, fresh pepper, and tea form and also as ground pepper powder. So there are a lot of options to consume this according to your preferences.

Method 3: Cayenne Pepper and Garlic

  • Take 3 cloves of garlic grind it in the grinder to make a smooth paste.
  • Add cayenne pepper in the garlic paste.
  • Add this to the butter and use it as a spread on your bread.
  • Consume this regularly in your toast -to bring down your nicotine craving.

Note: -Addition of cayenne pepper in fried egg or egg yolk would also be a helpful remedy for quitting smoking. This remedy cleans lung and flushes out the nicotine from blood. The cayenne pepper is the best way to detoxify your body after you stop smoking.

Oats to quit smoking

OatmealOats are anti-depressant and great for uplifting mood. You can take oats in any number of dosages and quantities. Smoking makes the nervous system weak; oats provide support to the weak nervous system. Consumption of Oats extract provides better sleep as it reduces anxiety and stress.

Method 1: Oats and Water

  • A tbsp of oats that are ground and 2 cups of boiled water.
  • Mix the ground oats in the water.
  • Soak it overnight.
  • Heat the soaked oat for 10 to 15 minutes and boil it well.
  • Drink this after your meals. You can consume it after each meal.

Note: – Oats are the best remedy to ease up the withdrawal phase. Avoid the intake of oat extract at night.

Method 2: Green Oats

  • Green oats are available in the form of capsules.
  • Consume about 300 mg per day.

Note: Consult a professional before you finalize the dosage. This is best for people who are struggling to quit smoking.

Method 3: Oats and Soy Milk

  • Take oats and soy milk of required quantity.
  • Make porridge of preferable consistency.
  • Eat it with few pieces of fruits and raisins.

 Note: This recipe is suitable to be consumed at breakfast. Oats have alkaloids that reduce the nicotine craving and slow down the process of withdrawal.

 St. John’s Wort to quit smoking

St. John’s Wort is a herb which is the best solution to reduce the urge to smoke. It has a property to calm down the stress and reduce anxious effects. It provides relief from withdrawal symptoms after quitting smoking. The drug is available in the market in capsule or liquid drop form. It is a an extract from the leaves of the plant Hypericum perforatum. The flowers of this plant are also used to reduce the urge of smoking.

Method1: Extract of Hypericum perforatum

  • Take 3-4 Leaves of Hypericum perforatum.
  • Boil the leaves in water to take out the extract.
  • Drink the solution once a day.

Method2: Capsule of St. John’s Wort

  • John’s Wort is available in the form of capsules.
  • Consume about 450 mg, twice per day.

Note: Nursing or pregnant women should avoid the intake of St. John’s wort as a quitting remedy.

Honey to quit smoking

HoneyConsumption of honey plays a vital role to handle the cessation process of smoking. Honey has the dual benefits of nourishment and it controls the urge of smoking. In many cases of quitting smoking, the addicted person reduce their food intake. In such cases honey provides proteins and vitamins to the body to sustain during a depressed mood.

Method 1: Lemon Juice and Honey

  • Take 1 lemon and squeeze it to take out the juice.
  • Add 1 tbsp of honey in fresh lemon juice.
  • Drink it once a day before breakfast.

Method 2: Honey with Ginger

  • Take one small piece of ginger or 1 tsp of ginger powder.
  • Add 1 tsp of honey in it. Mix it well.
  • Eat it twice a day to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Ginseng to quit smoking

Ginseng ensures the right level of cortisol in the blood stream. This action reduces the frequency of cravings to smoke. After you quit smoking, ginseng intake will balance the emotional and physical stress in the body to control withdrawal symptoms. It is also useful to reduce anxiety.

Method: Ginseng in your food

  • Add 1 tsp of ginseng powder in 1 glass of milk.
  • You can also add 1 tsp of ginseng in 1 bowl of cereal.
  • Sprinkle the ginseng powder on salad.

Note: People with diabetes and heart disease should not use this remedy to quit smoking.

Lobelia to quit smoking

The release of neurotransmitter dopamine is controlled with the intake of Lobelia. It reduces the adverse effects of nicotine on the body.

Method: Lobelia with water

  • Lobelia is available in medical store in the form of liquid.
  • Add 3-5 drops of Lobelia in water.
  • Drink it once a day.

Note:  If you are pregnant or suffering with heart disease, then consult a doctor before using this remedy to quit smoking.

 Valerian to quit smoking

All the withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, stress and anxiety are well controlled with the help of valerian. The herb provides a sedative effect on the body and staves off carvings to smoke.

Method: Capsule of Valerian

  • Valerian is available in the form of capsules.
  • Consume about 1 per day.
  • Consult a doctor to increase dose.

Natural Weed Detoxification

If you are addicted to weed smoking, then you have to use different methods to quit smoking. Nature has all the cures and remedies on how to quit smoking weed. Natural way of quitting weed is the best as it has long lasting results. Before quitting, it is very important to plan your detoxification. This will help you to tackle all the carvings and withdrawal symptoms.

Weed Detoxification Plan and Tips

  • Diet plan- Fix a nutritious diet plan that can compensate your cravings.
  • Focus on hobbies- Divert your focus on hobbies or things you love to do. It will reduce the craving to smoke.
  • Drink plenty of water – It helps to flush the toxins out.
  • Exercise regularly- Intense exercise will ensure your heart rate is high, so workout regularly. High heart beet implies on good flow of blood and perspiration, which flushes the toxins through your sweat.
  • Drink lemon juice – After you stop smoking start drinking lemon juice daily. As lemon contains high level of vitamin C, it detoxes and flushes out the weed.
  • Intake of green vegetables- Veggies like spinach, kale, broccoli and the chard are the best. It increases the metabolism rate and detoxes the weed. Eating green veggies quicken the process of weed detoxification.
  • Start Niacin or vitamin B supplements- It will be a great help with how to stop smoking weed They detox your body form weed
  • Avoid eating red meat and junk food. Follow a good active and healthy lifestyle to support the weed detoxification process.

Cold Turkey method to quit smoking

This is one of the toughest ways to stop smoking, but is also a method which is highly successful. It is one day quitting method in which, you just decrease the smoking of cigarettes to zero. The withdrawal symptoms are high as you will suddenly cut down the smoking. The total effort depends on your will power and self control strength. Here are a few tips that can help you to quit smoking using cold turkey.

  • Fix a date on which you will start the process of cold turkey.
  • Mentally prepare yourself -to go for cold turkey. Because the mental stability is very important to implement this remedy.
  • Make some changes in your routines so that you could follow the same once you start the cold turkey.
  • Routine changes such as avoiding situations or people who trigger the urge of smoking.
  • Choose more outdoor activities like gym or some sort of sports in your daily routine which will keep you active.
  • Nullify the strong urge of smoking by constantly remembering the reason behind quitting smoking.
  • You can keep the reasons to quit smoking, such as your family who are passive smokers, lung cancer fear or maybe you just want to feel healthy and young.
  • Keep a reward on successful quitting the smoking to motivate you.
  • Be prepared to face complications by learning the pros and cons of cold turkey.
  • Lead a socially active and busy life so that you can replace your habit of smoking.
  • Try meditation to reduce the stress level. Being stress free and for this you can try out meditation.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

There are plenty of benefits of quitting smoking. Smoking increases the risk of heart attack and cancer. Especially in women the rate of cancer is higher due to the smoking habit. The best way to quit smoking is to understand and accept its bad effect on your body. The quit smoking timeline benefits are as follows. It includes the short and long term benefits you get after you quit smoking.

  • 20 minutes after you quit smoking: – After you quit smoking: pulse rate, blood pressure and your feet and hand’s temperature will come down to normal.
  • 2 hours after you quit smoking: – Improvement in peripheral circulation, you will feel warmness in finger tips and toe tips. The major effect of quitting smoking is nicotine withdrawal. After 2 hours you will sense symptoms of same.
  • 8 hours after you quit smoking: – The pre-existing nicotine level in your blood will drop down. By this time the total reduction will be around 94%.
  • 24 hours after you quit smoking: – You will notice a peak in anxiety, increased rate of heart beat. When you compare to normal human the heartbeat, it will be 70 % higher. But there will be no risk of heart attacks or diseases. You can be assured that after 24 hours of quitting you will be on the way towards recovery.
  • 2 days after you quit smoking: – Irritability and cessation anger will be at peak. But the good news is that re-growth will get started in your vein endings. Your smell and taste sense will become normal.
  • 3 days after you quit smoking: – Congratulations!!! After 3 days the toxin carrying nicotine will be completely out of your body. And this obviously means that your withdrawal symptoms will be higher than ever. Both mental and physical health will be worse and you will be totally stressed. Withdrawal symptoms like nausea, headache, drowsiness and weakness will be at its peak. But soon you will be alright.
  • 5 – 8 days after you quit smoking: – This is the period in which a normal smoker would feel an average of three times “high craving” for nicotine. You should know that each period will last only for a maximum of 3 minutes. At such times, keeping a hand clock will be useful for you.
  • 10 days after you quit smoking: – The high craving episode will get reduced to 2 times per day. By this time you will be better at controlling it more confidently.
  • 2 to 3 weeks after you quit smoking: – By this time frame you will be feeling better and doing some workouts which would be best for you. You will notice that your strength is better at doing exercise. This happens because of a lot of regenerative processes in your body. There will be a massive improvement in your blood circulation. Your lungs will be clear, which helps in easy breathing. And the good news at this stage is that for the majority of the smokers the withdrawal symptoms would be decreased by now.
  • 9 months after you quit smoking: – Right from the first month of your quitting the lungs have started to repair. And due to this your lungs will be functioning normally. By now you will notice that there is no cough or shortness of breath. Even for chain smokers the smoking facts would have been disappeared by now.
  • A year after you quit smoking: – Your heart is free of any risks related to heart attacks. It is almost 50 % free from all the risks.
  • 5 to 15 years after you quit smoking: – The carcinogenic carbon monoxide that has been released in your body from the burning tobacco increases chances of stroke. By now the risk of stroke is also reduced.
  • 20 years after you quit smoking: – The risk for female smokers of heart diseases and lung infection is completely reduced now. Your heart will be healthier as a non smoker’s heart.
  • Non – smoking long term benefits: – You have added 14 years life to your life span by taking this fantastic decision. Your life span is plus 14 years as compared to smokers.

So now that you see long and short term benefits are you ready for this long leap? Now you know how to quit smoking, so be quick to implement the tips and remedies. Quitting smoking is not that easy for sure, but now that you have gone through the benefits, it is definitely worth giving a try.  You could save yourself from all the bad effects of smoking. Use the home remedies and steps to quit smoking for quick results. Hope you found home remedies to quit smoking useful. Kindly let us know your opinion by commenting below.

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