How to Get Rid of Bad Breath in Cats


Dental hygiene is very important to keep your cat healthy. Your cat can suffer from many disorders like a toothache, bad breath and cavity due to poor dental care. Have you ever moved away from your cat due to bad mouth odor? If, yes, then be sure that your cat is suffering from bad breath.

It is a common periodontal disease in a cat caused due to plaque bacteria. The disorder is curable at home and doesn’t need any serious medical help. So, let us see the causes and symptoms of cat bad breath followed by home remedies to treat the issue.

Causes and Symptoms of Bad Breath in Cats

You might be wondering why does my cat have bad breath? Actually the cause of bad breath in cat generally covers the dental disorders and eating habits. The list of causes includes:

  • Stomatitis
  • Gingivitis
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Food allergies

The awful odor is the main symptom of bad breath. Other than that there are other symptoms which indicate bad breath in the cat. It includes

  • Redness in gum lines with bleeding
  • Unwillingness to consume foodstuff
  • Increase in level of thirst and urination frequency
  • Pawing at the mouth

So, if you notice any of these symptoms in your cat, then just try out the home remedies given in the next sections to get rid of bad breath in the cat.

Home Remedies for Bad Breath in Cats

When remain untreated for long time bad breath in cats can lead to the serious dental problem. Thus, it is important to treat the disorder in the early stages. Here are some natural home remedies which reduce bad breath in cats.

1. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint OilPeppermint oil is rich in menthol, which provides a good and refreshing odor to the cat’s breath. It has antibacterial properties which kill the bacteria responsible for bad breath. It is also helpful to treat the tooth cavity which leads to bad breath in the cat. Thus, peppermint is an effective remedy to treat bad breath in the cats.

Things You Need:

  • Peppermint oil-1tbsp
  • Water-1 cup
  • Spray bottle-1


  1. Take 1 cup of water.
  2. Add 1tbsp of peppermint oil to it.
  3. Stir it using a spoon.
  4. Take a spray bottle and transfer the liquid into it.
  5. Spray the liquid on your cat’s mouth.
  6. Repeat this process once a week to get rid of bad breath in cats.

2. Lemon Juice

Lemon JuiceLemon juice contains citric acid, which neutralizes the odor caused due to the presence of bacteria in the cat’s mouth. It has antiseptic properties which heal the wounds in the mouth of a cat. It reduces the bad breath and protect cat’s teeth from the cavity.

Things You Need:

  • Lemon Juice-2-3 drops
  • Water- 1/2 cup


  1. Take a ½ cup of water in a small bowl.
  2. Add 2-3 drops of fresh lemon juice.
  3. Gently stir it using a spoon.
  4. Allow your cat to drink the liquid.
  5. Repeat this process once a week to treat cats with bad breath.

3. Parsley

Parsley has odor-reducing properties which freshen up your cats breathe. It improves the oral health of your cat and reduces the chances of dental disorders.

Method 1: Parsley Tea

Things You Need:

  • Parsley-5-6 fresh springs
  • Water-1 cup


  1. Take a 1 cup of water in a container.
  2. Add 5-6 fresh springs of parsley, wash and chop it.
  3. Add the chopped parsley to the water.
  4. Allow it to boil in medium flame.
  5. Allow it to cool for an hour.
  6. Make your cat drink this tea.
  7. Repeat this process twice a week to avoid bad cat breath.

Method 2: Parsley with Foods

Things You Need:

  • Parsley-4 fresh springs
  • Cooked rice- 1/2 cup


  1. Take a ½ cup of cooked rice in a bowl.
  2. Add 4 chopped parsley springs to the rice.
  3. Mix it well and serve it to your cat.
  4. Repeat this process thrice a week to reduce cat’s bad breath.

4. Carrot

Organic CarrotsCarrot, when chewed removes smelly plaque from the teeth. It also stimulates saliva and washes away the food particles hidden in between the teeth of your cat.

Things You Need:

  • Carrot- 2


  1. Take 2 fresh carrots and wash it to remove the dust.
  2. Chop the carrots into small pieces.
  3. Give the chopped carrot to your cat to consume after their regular meal.
  4. Repeat this process every day for to reduce the bad breath in cats.

5. Brown Rice

Brown RiceBrown rice treats the bad breath in the cat caused due to indigestion.  It improves the digestion process and reduces the bad breath in the cat to a great extent.

Things You Need:

  • Brown rice-1/2 cup
  • Water-1 cup


  1. Take half cup of brown rice and wash it.
  2. Take a bowl and add the rice to it with 1 cup of water.
  3. Allow the rice to cook completely.
  4. Transfer the rice to your cat bowl and make sure your cat consumes it fully.
  5. Repeat this process every day to reduce bad odor in cats when they breathe.

6. Margosa Leaves

Margosa leaves are antibacterial which fights against the germs which are harmful to the oral health of the cat. It reduces the bad breath and protects the teeth from the cavity.

Things You Need:

  • Margosa leaves-5-6
  • Cat tooth brush-1


  1. Take some fresh 5-6 margosa leaves and wash it.
  2. Grind them and form a paste of it.
  3. Take a toothbrush with a little margosa paste on it.
  4. Gently brush your cat teeth with the prepared paste.
  5. Rinse the mouth of a cat with fresh water.
  6. Repeat twice a week to get rid of bad mouth odor in cats.

Tips to Get Rid of Bad Breath in Cats

The bad breath in cats indicates the poor oral hygiene and finally leads to serious dental disorders. In order to avoid the dental issues follow the tips to keep your cat free from bad breath.

  • Brush your cat’s teeth every day as it will reduce the germs causing bad breath.
  • Use natural mouth wash and fresheners for your cat to reduce the chance of bad odor in the mouth.
  • Diet of your pet cat must include feline safe green veggies which protect your cat from food allergies causing bad breath,
  • Increase the crunchy kibble in cat foods which reduce order to an extent.
  • Provide your cat to chew some fresh cut grass which has breath-freshening chlorophyll in it.
  • The intestinal problem will lead to bad breath in cats, hence include more of enzymes and probiotics which fight against the bad breath and promote digestion.

So, now you are aware of how to get rid of bad breath in cats using home remedies. Just try out the remedies and share your experiences with us. Drop your queries and suggestion in the comment box.

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