How to Get Rid of Bags under Eyes


Jake is a 22-year-old computer programmer. In one fine morning, when he looked himself in the mirror, he suddenly observed puffy eye bags under eyes and he was looking like a dopehead. He used to spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen but used a pair of good anti-glare glasses to protect his eyes.

So after noticing those ugly looking bags under eyes, he tried some OTC creams but those didn’t work for him. He was just thinking – was he sick or something had happened to his eyes.

Bags under eyes is one of the most common cosmetic problems. In medical terms, it is known as periorbital puffiness. The puffy eyes or bags under eyes occur due to the swelling of the orbital tissues around your eyes.

Jake is perhaps one of the many people who suffer from the problem of ‘puffy eyes’ or ‘bags under eyes’. Like Jake, do you notice a slight bulge under your lower lash line? Does it make you look tired, sleepy, dull or older? Do you want to get rid of bags under eyes? Let’s read then.

What Causes Under Eye Bags or Puffy Eyes?

There are many reasons for which you may get puffy bags under your eyes and they are:

  1. Oversleeping or Lack of Sleep: Oversleeping and insufficient sleep are the most common causes of under eye bags or puffy eyes. Sometimes, even disturbed sleep patterns can cause eye bags. Returning to your original sleep cycle will help you get rid of the eye bags.
  2. Water Retention:There is an excess build up of fluid in your body tissues. Sometimes due to lifestyle habits like having a lot of salty snacks and foods, drinking too much coffee or alcohol can cause water retention in your body resulting in eye bags. Adopting healthy dietary habits can help reduce the appearance of eye bags.
  3. Hormonal Variations: Women experience hormonal variations during menstruation, pregnancy or menopause which can cause fluid retention maximizing the appearance of eye bags.
  4. Allergies and Sinus problem: Allergies, cold and flu or sinus problems cause inflammation of the mucous membranes in your eyes. Sinus infection also encourages fluid retention which gets accumulated under your eyes.
  5. Contact Lenses: Sometimes wearing contact lenses can cause inflammation. Damage, wear and tear, expiry of the contact lenses causes swelling of eyelids and appearance of eye bags. Sometimes the lens solution may also be an irritant.
  6. Eye Allergies: Allergens in the atmosphere, sometimes cosmetics, makeup products, virus, pollen etc., can cause eye allergies and hence you get eye bags.
  7. Aging: Age is one of the most common causes of eye bags. As people grow old, the skin around the eyes becomes loose and the fats in the skin get deposited down under the eyes.
  8. Medical problems: Medical problems like hypothyroidism, American trypanosomiasis, nephrotic syndrome, dermatitis, cataract or conjunctivitis may also cause eye bags. Meeting your doctor will help you identify these underlying causes behind the eye bags.

Top 10 Remedies to Get Rid of Bags Under Eye

There are many remedies which you can follow to get rid of puffy bags under your eyes. Doctors also prescribe medicines for it, but these allopathic medicines come with some side effects. So, it is always better to try home remedies first, which are easy to get and come with no side effects. Let’s have a look at those remedies.

Dietary Remedies:

  1. Hydration: Having plenty of water and fluids will help beat dehydration that makes the body accumulate water to meet the scarcity. Limiting your intake of coffee and alcohol and having 8-10 glasses of water and fresh fruit juice can keep you hydrated all day. Cranberry juice is also an excellent diuretic that helps against fluid retention.
  2. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Include a lot of healthy alternatives to high salted foods, chips, snacks etc in your regular diet. Consume foods like cabbage, bananas, raisins, melons, watercress, tomatoes, carrots, onions, and peppers. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of healthy flavonoids that can alleviate water retention.
  3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Eating foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, such as anchovies, bluefish, herring, mackerel, salmon, sardines, sturgeon, lake trout and tuna can help combat water retention and reduce eye bags. You can also include walnuts, flaxseed, and soya bean in your diet.

Topical Remedies:

  1. Cold Splash: Take a glass of chilled water and splash it on your eyes. Cold water can help constrict the blood vessels and encourage fluid circulation. This reduces swelling in no time.
  2. Ice Pack: Take a few cubes of ice, put them in a Ziploc bag, and wrap the bag in a tin foil. This will prevent the ice cubes from melting. Wrap the tinfoil in a paper towel and cold compress your eyes. This will instantly tighten the loosened skin around the eyes; reduce swelling and the appearance of puffy bags under eyes.
  3. Tea Bags: Tea BagsDon’t discard your green tea and black tea bags. Keep them in the refrigerator or freezer and allow them to cool. Keep them over your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Tea has anti-irritant properties that can reduce inflammation and swelling under the eyes.
  4. Cucumbers: CucumberChilled slices of cucumber have been the most tried and tested remedy for eye bags. They soothe, refresh and tighten the skin under the eyes. You can cut the cucumber into thick slices, put them in a Ziploc bag and keep them in the freezer for 10 minutes. Place the cold cucumber slices on your eyelids until they get warm.
  5. Potatoes: PotatoPotatoes also have cooling and anti-inflammatory properties like cucumbers. They are also effective in lightening the dark circles under the eye. Wash and peel the potato and grate it finely. Take a tissue or a clean cloth. Fold the grated potato and place it over your eyes. You can get rid of eye bags soon.
  6. Milk: Hot Milk with ButterMilk is the most easily available remedy for eye bags. Dip 2 cotton pads in chilled milk, and lightly squeeze out the excess milk. Now place the cotton pads on your eyes. Keep the pads until they are no longer cool. This process will help remove bags under eyes.
  7. Almond Oil: Before going to bed massage your eyelids and under-eye area with 2-3 drops of almond oil, lightly with your ring finger. Massage will help improve blood circulation in the under eye area, reduce swelling and eye bags.
  8. Egg Whites: egg whiteEgg whites when applied to the skin absorb water, tighten the skin and reduce inflammation. Separate egg whites from yolks. Beat the egg whites till it becomes stiff and apply them all around the eyes using a cotton swab. Leave the egg white around your eyes for 20 minutes. Wash your face with cool water and pat dry. It will reduce your puffy eyes if you use it regularly.
  9. Salt Water: Topical application of salt water to your under eye bags reduces inflammation and swelling. Take 1 cup of warm water, add 1/2 tsp of salt to it and stir well. Take 2 cotton balls and soak them in the salt water. Gently squeeze out the excess water and place the cotton balls over your eyelids for 20 minutes. It will help to get rid of puffy eyes soon.
  10. Organic Honey: HoneyHoney has been used liberally in all the folk remedies. It has excellent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation, redness, itchiness and the appearance of eye bags. Take a few drops of organic honey in a spoon. Carefully apply the honey over your eye bags with the help of a Q-tip or a cotton bud. Wash the honey after 15 minutes.

You can repeat these topical remedies daily for a few days till the puffiness under your eyes subsides.

Additional Tips for Bags under Eyes:

  • Have a good night’s sleep for 7-8 hours daily.
  • Apply skin-friendly cosmetics and eye makeup products.
  • Check the expiry date before using any eye makeup product.
  • Wash your face with a mild cleanser at least twice a day.
  • Do not rub your eyes hard when they itch.
  • Change your pillow covers often to avoid irritation.
  • Use anti-glare spectacles when working on the computer for long hours.
  • Use an ergonomic pillow to keep your head elevated when you sleep. This will help reduce the swelling and appearance of eye bags.

If your eye bag problem persists for more than a couple of weeks, consult your health care provider.

So which remedy you used to treat the bags under your eyes? Did it work for you?  Share it with us.

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