Acupuncture for Weight Loss


Are you looking for a secret weight loss program? Do you think diet and exercise are the only means of losing weight? Even after trying these for so long still you haven’t reduced which you were supposed to, or for some of you even after reducing weight you have gained it back. Now, you must be thinking how should I reduce my weight which seems so impossible? Well, acupuncture for weight loss can be your answer.

Weight loss can be really hard for many of you and you would have tried many different techniques of losing weight but still disappointed with the results. Luckily, there is one technique to lose weight, which has been proven effective in this regard, and that is none other than acupuncture.

For some of you, it may sound crazy but using acupuncture as a technique for weight loss is reliable and safe without causing any harm. Now, following acupuncture for weight loss, you can shed the extra pounds in various different ways which are discussed below.

How Can Acupuncture Help with Weight Loss?

It is an adjunct therapy, which helps to lose weight easily.  So, one should be very clear that it is not a cure for weight loss but it helps to lose weight.

Acupuncture works in three major ways, which help with weight loss.

  1. Firstly, acupuncture helps to balance the hormones in the body, which helps to increase the endorphins. It plays a very important role in losing weight as it reduces the desire of eating unhealthy foods, controls binge eating and generates a positive feeling in you.
  2. Secondly, it works by decreasing the hormones that are associated with weight gain. Researchers have found that using acupuncture technique results in the dropping insulin and leptin levels in the body.Insulin regulates carbohydrates and fat metabolism in the body. Leptin also regulates the fat metabolism, which makes you feel as if you are full.  Thus, it balances the body’s metabolism and will power.
  3. Thirdly, it helps by reducing stress. Stress is the main reason, which affects your hormones. Stress is associated with many disorders and one of them is obesity/overweight. Stress hormone known as ‘cortisol’ affects your weight and the overall health in several ways. Cortisol, when shoots up creates ‘fight or flight’ response in your body, which leads to depression and indigestion. Thus, acupuncture helps in digestion by reducing anxiety and stress level in the body.

By all these three ways, acupuncture helps the various organs of the body to function properly, both psychologically and physically to lose weight.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Before going for acupuncture treatment for weight loss, discuss with your acupuncturist about your lifestyle, eating habits, sicknesses if any or even if your digestion is not proper.  A healthy discussion with an acupuncturist will help him/her to choose the right points for you, which will help in regulating your weight.

The acupuncturist will first examine you by checking your pulse, tongue, stomach area to find out the reasons for your weight gain and then will treat you accordingly.

Ear Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Based on the examination and discussion, the acupuncturist will make a protocol by using ear points and other body points.

Ear acupuncture treatment is based on the hypothesis that the outer ear symbolizes all parts of the body. In this therapy, usually, five needles are inserted at various key points of the ear. One needle is linked in controlling hunger and appetite; the other needle helps to reduce the stress level or anxiety, and likewise the rest of the needles are inserted at different points as per the cause of your weight gain.

Important Acupuncture Points on the Ears

The acupuncture points on the ear that are necessary for losing weight are:

  • Stomach- It is for the person who always binges on something even if she or he is full.
  • Endocrine- It is for water retention.
  • Hungry- It is to control general hunger and appetite.
  • Spleen- It is to control hormonal and sugar imbalances.
  • Thyroid- It is for controlling slow metabolism.
  • Kidney- It is also for water retention, hormonal imbalances, and nervous system.
  • Ovary and Adrenal- If a person has gained weight due to PMS or menopause.
  • Shenmen- It is a soothing point for anger, irritation, insecurity and anxiety.
  • Mouth- It is for a person who talks a lot, eats a lot and smokes a lot.
  • Lungs- It is for a person who can’t control to eat sweets and chocolates, or who is a foodie.

Among various points, the acupuncturist may choose two or more points for treating each problem. After this, the body points may also be selected depending on the diagnosis for weight gain. Sometimes, the acupuncturist uses electrostimulation to increase the endorphin release at some points to stimulate the metabolism.

Needles are inserted for 45 minutes or more depending on the intensity of person’s problem. After removing the needles, they place ear tacks in the same spots on the outer ear, which is easy in identifying the spots for further treatment.

Ear acupuncture helps in pursuing the stimulation between acupuncture treatments. It works, when a person craves to eat. They can apply mild pressure to the points for about 20-30 seconds. Ear acupressure then stimulates the point, which releases mild endorphin that helps a person to relax and have will power over temptation for the food. Ear tacks can be removed after 3 days at home itself.

Benefits of Acupuncture Treatment to Lose Weight:

  • It reduces abdominal fat.
  • It increases body’s metabolism.
  • It promotes appetite suppression.
  • It improves insulin resistance.
  • It aids in digestion.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety.
  • It balances obesity-related hormones.

If you still doubt whether acupuncture will work for weight loss or not, then I would suggest you go through some of the acupuncture for weight loss reviews or else you can have a look at the research report given below.

Researchers looked at 91 overweight Koreans, giving some the “five points” treatment and others the “single point” treatment. Then, all participants were asked to keep a restricted diet and not do any additional exercise.

After four weeks, those in the five-point group showed a 6.1 percent reduction in BMI while the one-point group showed a 5.7 percent reduction. So it looks like both methods may help boost weight-loss efforts—but that the five-needle technique may be slightly better if you’re interested in trying the technique.

Acupuncture at Home

By massaging several acupuncture points on your ears, stimulates these points and helps in reducing the cravings for food. This process can be done at home to regulate your metabolism.

  • Start by rubbing your upper ear.
  • Hold your ear with your thumb on the upper and inner ear.
  • Place your index finger at the back of your ear.
  • Massage in circular motions for 20 seconds.
  • Now, use your index finger to massage gently the inner gap of your upper ear.
  • Rub the front part of your ear, which is attached to your head.
  • Finally, massage your earlobes gently by pulling and rubbing them in a circular motion for 15 seconds.

This process can be done by an individual or else you can make an appointment with an acupuncturist for starting the acupuncture treatment for weight loss. It will definitely help in reducing your weight and will enable your willpower to stay away from food temptations.

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